Monday, 5 August 2013

What's Porter Stansberry's "Alpha" Strategy? -- Stock Gumshoe Daily Update

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Daily Update
Aug. 5, 2013  

Greetings, Gumshoe readers!

The e-waves were blanketed by Stansberry & Associates over the weekend as they tell us that Porter Stansberry is "Furious" that brokers are making it so hard for his subscribers to use the "Stansberry Alpha" strategy.  So what is this mysterious "secret" strategy? Click here for today's article and I'll explain it as best I can.

Or if you missed last week's secret stocks, just read on ...


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We started out the week looking at a tease about a small-cap stock that Cisco, Verizon, Comcast and all the rest "Can't do without" -- Chris Versace thinks its headed for a takeover at a much higher price, so what is it?  Click here for that article and we'll share what we found.

The Motley Fool is pitching a way to profit from the bursting of the "Santa Claus Bubble" -- what's that?  Well, it's got nothing to do with Black Friday or holiday shopping, this one's all about higher education.  Huh?  Don't worry, we reveal what they're really talking about here ... including their favorite David Gardner-touted "rule breaker" in the sector.

What's the "Mysterious $400 Billion Cameron Parish Project?"  We're getting that question a lot this week -- it's a pitch from Sara Nunnally about another exciting development in the shale gas revolution, one that she thinks will make you filthy, stinkin' rich.  You can see our piece about that promo here.

Ray Blanco thinks this stock is going to make you rich.  It's all about a company that he thinks can cure the scourge of obesity, and you can find that article here. It's a long one, sorry, so if you're an Irregular you're going to want to log in so you can get your "quick take" on this one.  

Bonus coverage came on Friday on a couple fronts for you -- we received another column from Myron Martin, our longtime reader who updates the Irregulars on some favorite stocks (mostly junior resource stocks)  from time to time, so the Irregulars can see that latest missive from Myron here.
And for everyone else, I've been seeing quite a few questions about Keith Schaefer's "Spy in the Sky" company that's supposed to save oil and gas explorers millions of dollars -- the stock has spurted up recently on good news, so what is it?  We've reprinted the older article in which we unveiled that one, you can see it here today.
Finally, the Friday File this week was all about a couple add-on buys and updates on a handful of the investments I've covered in the past for the Irregulars, if you missed that email you can see it here.


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